Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bella and the crowd.

Bella and the crowd., originally uploaded by phaird.
Another great weekend at the park. This Sunday was family day. Lots of people have been bringing their kids to the park. There has even been a few strollers coming. All the dogs are always so good with all the kids around too.
Some people get really upset when dogs scare their child in the past but everyone has to remember that this park time is scheduled for dogs. It is pretty rare though that a conflict comes up that isn't quickly resolved. With all these different breeds running around, some might think that it would lead to problems all the time. It's just not the case. Many dogs just love being off leash but will check in with their owners when they wonder too far away. These people love their dogs as family so the dogs expect love from everyone. That is just was dogs do. That is why I love coming to the park every Sunday. I get all kinds of love and I don't even have to have treats with me (though that would help).

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BODIE said...

We had a national holiday the other week and as it was the first sunny day in an otherwise hopeless summer there were over 100 dogs at our Dog Beach. No arguments, all off lead. A great time.