Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunny day at the park

Isaac and his crew, originally uploaded by phaird.
We are still in our spring weather and it's nice. Not freezing but not warm. This is my kind of weather. I asked my boys if they wanted to go but only Isaac decided to join me today. We had a good time tossing stones in the water and playing with the dogs. It was a good water day for the dogs who were all chasing tennis balls or just chasing each other in and out of the pond.
I love that I always get to meet new someone new. Isaac was learning to play with a little girl who was at the park but his attention span was too short to stay involved with the game. He was much more interested in getting to the water.
I also found out that there is a Facebook group just for this park. As soon as I got home, I looked it up. I'll put a link to it soon but if you want to find it, just look up "friends of Great Hill Park". So far, there are only 20 people involved but I'm sure more will join. I'm going to recommend it to everyone. I hope to keep more people connected.

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