Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Starting over for Toby.

BW_Toby-Park, originally uploaded by phaird.
Looks like Toby is going to need lots of coaxing to get back into the park again. Last week he heard gun shots so this weekend, he didn't want to go. This isn't the first time this happened and I had to work hard to get him comfortable with the park. It will take some work but I know I can do it. The plan will bring him early, go for a walk in the woods and let him get his energy out. Once he's done that a few times, he'll be better off. I wish I had more time to bring him to the park but work and life gets too much in the way so far.
I decided to edit these photos I took of him to show how he was feeling. I'm using a program called Lightroom to edit my photos and it does a great job of allowing me to be creative. What do you think?


gemwood said...

Poor Toby...I have a dog that is frightened of loud noises, thunder especially. We have also heard gun noise, from a gun club and hunting in rural area that scare her quite a bit as well. Love your photos too, really show how shy he is about the whole situation.

BODIE said...

Love the photo effects. Looks like a fisheye lens thing going on too with the first one. My BT has just taken a dislikening to my harmonica so am trying to clicker train him out of that.