Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toby needed a walk

To get Toby back in the swing of things at the park, we got there early and did the long walk on the paths behind the park.  I really love going on those paths when the weather is cool and the ground is hard.  In the warmer months, it can get really muddy and hard to avoid the swampy areas.  It's nice now because there is traction, not too slick and easy to get around.  Toby needed the walk to get his energy out and feel better about being at the park.  I had to coax him through the park but once we got up to the path, he was happy to lead the way.  We did the long walk that lasted almost 45 minutes.  He didn't seem that worn out even though I was but once we got back to the park, it was busy with people and dogs.  Toby wasn't ready to socialise yet so since he headed for the car, I followed and we took off.
This is a good first step for him and I hope he'll be back to his friendly self soon.  I don't want to be that guy with the mean dog that everyone keeps away from.  I like being that weird photographer guy who is always around with his camera, taking pictures and talking with people.

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