Monday, September 26, 2011

Bring treats and it's a PARTY

Bring treats and it's a PARTY, originally uploaded by phaird.
Between all the new puppies and the summer like weather, Sunday was a pretty great day at the dog park. I really needed it too. I've been flat out, photographing all kinds of events lately. It's good to be busy with my camera and dogs but slowing down and spending quality time at the park and with my family is really important.
For me, it's about making time in my crazy schedule to do the things I want to be doing and move out the things that don't matter.
I invite my boys to come and some times the do but most times they don't. I think that will change when they get older but this is the one time just for me.
Everyone talks about how they bring their dogs so they could run around but that is only part of the story. The community is important too. The ability to slow down and just talk to someone of common interests. These are the things I love about the park and why I started this blog and book idea. The community that builds at dog parks is a unique event. I'm really interested in other peoples stories and I want to know more. I just need to make more time to prepare the book and talk to people.

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