Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect day for a pano

Pano dog park 1, originally uploaded by phaird.
Sunday was cool and overcast with a threat of rain. A perfect day to photograph. Well, not normally but because I was testing out a panoramic head, it was perfect for me. The way it works is I attach my camera to a special tripod head that allows me to rotate my camera at a central point. I take about 24 photos as I spin the camera around and then I stitch them all together in Photoshop. A lot of the software (and even some cameras) make it really easy to put together photos that aren't centered properly. Because it's overcast, the lighting is the same all the way around me so my exposure is the same all the way around.
The only down side is that the park was kinda quiet and even though I tried to get around everyone with dogs, it still looks like the park ins empty.
I'm going to the Cape this weekend so I am going to bring the pano head again and do more on the beach, if I can get early enough.

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