Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mini Pin on ice

Mini Pin on ice, originally uploaded by phaird.

it was a cold and icy day here at the park. Kids were skating on the pond which I always love. I grew up on CA and never had to deal with snow till I moved to MA. I've been here a while now so I'm use to it.

This little guy needed that sweater though because it was a cold morning and the wind was blowing. Toby and I started the morning by going for a walk in the woods before coming down to the open park. We needed to get our blood flowing and after that, it wasn't so bad.

Winter is always a little quieter at the park. I knew it would be too. Last week was warm and all the snow was melting and slushy. Now that it's cold, it's all frozen and icy. Makes for walking kinda tricky. Even the dogs were slipping around on the ice. That never stops them though. Might slow a few of them down but not the young ones. They still want to run, chase and play. That's a dogs life.

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