Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold and sunny day

walking-in-snow, originally uploaded by phaird.

Sunday at the park was really cold and sunny but not too windy. It ended up being a really nice day but I was worried I wouldn't even get past the parking lot. Toby isn't a fan of the cold and I had him wearing a sweater because it was in the teens. I figured he'd hate it and not even get out of the car. He did though and once he started running around, he seemed to enjoy himself. Many of the regulars were out and even a new Aussie puppy that everyone was fawning over.

I avoided the park for the past weekends because of the crazy weather that Toby isn't wild about but when I do go out I always like the photos I come back with. With the bare trees and snow on the ground, I am often really happy with the pictures I come back with. I brought out my new video camera too but editing and uploading those take a lot more work but I hope to have some great stuff soon.

For those of you who come to the park and read this, I'd be really interested in recording some of your best memories of the park any given day so when you see me at the park shooting, just strike up a conversation and let me record it. It's great to share memories.

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