Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun by the pond

Play time, originally uploaded by phaird.

We had a great day at the park on Sunday. It was a good mix of new people and regulars. The only down side was the drama brought on by a 2 year old that got pushed over by one of the dogs. It's so funny how different people deal with it. I've been bringing my 2 year old boy who loves throwing rocks into the water. He got knocked over into the water and my response was to take pictures, wipe him off and give him a hug. The woman with the 2 year old girl was to grab her child, scream at the dog owner and panic. Its free dog day at the park. My (smarty pants) suggestion would be to put your kid on the leash or come by at a later time.

I do have a big request for my fellow dog lovers though who bring their dogs to the park. PICK UP YOUR DOGS POOP! I've been noticing an rise in dog poop around the park. If you think of your dog as one that poops in the woods, just be sure they do. Oh and if a soccer ball can get to the edge of the woods, you should pick up there too. Just because it's the edge of the woods, doesn't mean you shouldn't pick up. I don't mean to be your mom today but I stepped in a serious land mine and was not happy about it so I am using this to share. I always follow my dog until he poops and know him well enough to know there is a good chance he'll poop twice.

Ya all know I love the park, all the dogs and people who go to the park but I had to bring this up so we can continue to enjoy what we've got.

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kMiga said...

I often wonder why people have the strangest reactions to other dogs or to kids and dogs...

My amazement is when people almost cause fights by literally nagging their own dogs with constant leash pulling, due to their own nervousness at the presence of other dogs.

I have seen at least one happy, wagging, curious dog, glance back at his freaked owner, and turn to us and start growling.

How can a human being be so senseless?