Monday, May 31, 2010

Active at the park

Active at the park, originally uploaded by phaird.

Another great weekend at the park. Still not as busy as I'd expect but some of the regulars are starting to find their way back to the park. On a busy Sunday, there can be as much as 70 dogs. All getting along and doing what dogs do. Some will play in the water and others will chase in the grass.

I was talking to Jake's owners who were one of the people who was turned away on the day the Soccer fields were being used. They didn't know if the park was back open. There was talk that a lot of dog owners complained and the very next week it was back to being for dogs. I'm glad the Town of Acton fixed the problem. This park has been used by dogs for a very long time. I've heard people say they've brought their dogs here for over 15 years. Some have been coming even longer. It's a great community of dogs and people. That's why I come to this park every chance I get. I've been coming for about 3 years now and been photographing the whole time.

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