Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is such a tease

girl petting dog, originally uploaded by phaird.

Last week was SO nice! The temperature was in the 70's and felt so good. It was short lived though and the cold, rain and even snow has returned. I can't really complain though. More warm weather is on the way and more dogs were out today because of spring. For most dogs, this is ideal. It's cool enough to run around an not get over heated but not too cold to keep them (or their owners) from going out. The pond has thawed out so those water dogs can run in and swim. The melting has passed so the mud is hardening up and little bits of green is popping though the hard ground.

I'm so looking forward to the trees turning green again though. With spring ramping up, I can shoot more and Toby can play more. I'm going to try to take every chance I get to take him to the park to calm his nerves. It won't be easy because the gun clubs are working too. Having two small boys at home that need attention often leaves Toby to get shorter walks but he has been really good. I hope to bring my oldest to the park on Sundays over the summer.

I hope to even have a photo event at the park this spring. I'm hoping in April to set up a portable studio and shoot dogs as a promo. Keep a look out because I'll be putting dates up soon.

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