Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is coming

Toby BW, originally uploaded by phaird.

We've had a really nice stretch of weather here in New England. It's been sunny and warm for days. As it comes to a close and more normal weather starts moving in, I really wanted to get Toby to the park. We didn't get there till after 11 so most of the regulars I know were already gone.

The hard part for Toby is that with warmer weather comes loud noises from the local gun clubs and soon, thunder storms. I always feel bad for Toby when that happens. He just can't help himself. In this photo, his only thought is to get back to the car. We could hear the gun club from the moment we got to the park and he just wanted nothing of it. There was still a lot of dogs running and playing. The lake was thawed and the water dogs were all splashing around. Only a week or so ago, that was all frozen over and people were still skating on it.

We ended up leaving after only 20 minutes of walking up a trail and back. We didn't make it too far because of all the mud now that the snow has melted. On the upside, Toby was good. He didn't get into any fights even with all the big dogs were charging at him. Good boy Toby.

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