Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bath day

Muddy feet 8/52, originally uploaded by phaird.

Everyone who brought the dog to the park this weekend either planned on giving there dog a bath or had to anyway. It's been raining in and around Mass for a few days and the temps have been staying above freezing. All this makes for some really messy parks. I bailed out on our walk in the woods today because there are too many mud traps on the path. A few weeks ago we had to abandon our walk because of the path being too icy. Today I didn't even try because of the mud.

I am excited that March is here. I've got plans for some spring photo shoots at the park in Acton, Waltham, Boston, and a few other places. I think it will be lots of fun. I'm going to set up a studio shoot and try to photograph as many dogs as I can. I'm hoping that will be a good promotion for my photography business. Still in the planning stages but more info will come soon.


Andrea said...

I am excited for March too! It means I can start training my dogs outside again! Please visit my site

phaird said...

thanks Andrea,
Make sure if you want to do shameless self promotion, that you put your website link properly. I couldn't find your page with the dashes but when I took them out, it worked.