Sunday, January 31, 2010

Treat time

Aussies wanting treats, originally uploaded by phaird.

How can such a sunny day feel so cold. Okay, I know. I'm a wimp but if I am, so is Toby. It's been really cold for the past few days and even with the sun out, I didn't last too long at the park.

Some dogs, like the Aussies don't care at all. They love being out in the snow, running around, chasing balls. It was great for them. The More the better.

Tikka, Jake, bella and others were all out today. There is a pretty large group of Aussies who come very weekend and they are always great to see. Very smart dogs, they love coming out, being around other dogs as well as good with people, you never have to worry about them getting out of hand. As herding dogs, I'd expect to see them chasing the other dogs around and try to keep an order but that isn't the case. They hang out, play ball, and check in with there owners most of the time. It does help that there owners love them dearly and treat them so well.

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