Monday, October 12, 2009

Toby is up to his old tricks

Sharon_Dogpark_101109_09, originally uploaded by phaird.

Toby and I went out to the dog park in Sharon MA. It is one of the few official dog parks in the state. It was established in 2004 and from the looks of it gets a lot of support and use. I went with a friend and his two new dogs. What is really nice is that it's a fenced in location that has multiple entrances. There is a space for smaller dogs who want to be separate from the bigger dogs.

It was a beautiful day with a good number of dogs. I'd say that there was about 25 or 30 dogs there. The sun was warm and the cool Sunday afternoon. Toby was up to his normal antics. A few dogs wanted to play with him and he didn't want anything to do with them. He kept picking fights with anyone who came close. Part of that is him just being nervous about being someplace new.

By the end of the day though, Toby was super tired and had a great day. I think that the next trip will be exciting for him.

I'm looking forward to coming back to the park. There are a lot of regulars who show up and I'll focus my attention on their dogs and the great stories they have about them.

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Nellie and Calvert (The Giant) said...

I'm sure Toby will get use to the new smells in the park the more you take him.

Can't wait to see updates on this.


(mom to Nellie & Calvert)