Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rest in peace Fenway

Fenway, originally uploaded by phaird.

I'm sadden to find out that Fenway, a beagle mix, who I've known since I first started coming to the Acton park has died. His owner sent out a email saying that there was some accident while they were at their vacation home. Fenway was a active fun loving dog who's family loved him very much. It must be extremely difficult to deal with such a sudden loss.

Scout, their other beagle mix, must be feeling pretty lost without his best friend right now. They were perfect for each other because for as high strung as Fenway could be, Scout is equally relaxed. I rarely saw one without the other.

I will miss seeing Fenway dragging his owner down the road on his roller blades who is barely holding on. My heart and sympathy goes out to Fenway's entire family at this difficult time.

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