Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dog park drama

Toby hiding under the car, originally uploaded by phaird.

There was much drama at the park this weekend. Well, as much as Toby can create. The week before, Toby got into a dominance match with a much larger dog. For some reason these two really want to put each other in their places. The problem for Toby is that the other dog is MUCH bigger. Poor Toby got nipped on the side of his face because, like a good terrier, he didn’t ever back down.

After that Toby just said “lets go!” and ran out to the parking lot till I followed. I found him just hiding under a car panting. I didn’t really know the extent of how shook up he was till after I got him home and found the bite. Toby stayed by my side the whole rest of the day. He normally wants to be around but Sunday, he never left my side, even when I was down in my basement office.

There is a unique energy when 2 dogs go at it. When that happens the whole park, people and dogs descend on the action. It takes some shouting and pushing to get the action to stop and just like that; it’s over.

I’m not going to the park this next weekend. It’s my son’s second birthday weekend so we’re going out to celebrate. I’ll find something new to write about though. There is always something going on in the world of dog parks.


Janice said...

Hi! I wish your son a happy birthday!! enjoy some family time and we shall wait for your next post

Alison Joy said...

I love my rat terrier too!

Yesterday I took Randy to the doggie daycare for an hour so he could play with dogs while I ran some errands. Once we got home, Randy was depressed for the rest of the day and refused to eat, even the special treats I gave him (which is HIGHLY unusual). It wasn't until evening that I saw his mouth under his lips was cut. I am annoyed that the workers at the doggie camp didn't say anything even though I asked them several questions upon pick up. I am hesitant to bring him back again.

I hope Toby is feeling better and I wish your son a very happy birthday!!