Tuesday, June 9, 2009

for the love of dogs

hugs, originally uploaded by phaird.

Many dogs will come to the park. Some are dog ignore the people to play with the other dogs while others dogs love people more. Well this woman comes with her Aussie and husband almost every week and she shows the same amount of love for the dogs as they can show to her. Most of us stand around, relax and watch our dogs run. She comes with a big bag of treats, gets all of the dogs around her and gives them BIG HUGS.

She has a real passion for dogs. She has often said she gets just as much joy out of the park as her dog does. I love seeing the her energy and love each week. She is always excited and brings a dog like joy to the park.

Oh and don't forget those treats of hers.

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Angela S. said...

I love that! It reminds me of a mom with her kids that gets in the mud and dirt right along with the kids. I'm sure the dogs love all that attention! Great description of her by the way. I can totally picture her in the middle of a bunch of dog kisses.