Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dodging rain drops

Dewey_w_mom, originally uploaded by phaird.

Today was a very late day at the park. By the time we got there, the park was mostly empty. It was raining today and I have been under the weather all last week so I wanted to wait till the rain stopped before taking Toby out. He is always very patient about it.

Going late was nice though. It was quiet with only a few dogs. I got to meet Dewey and his mom. A friendly little dog that really wanted Toby to play. Toby only wanted his tennis ball so Dewey had to find other ways to entertain himself. He's a cute little guy.

As I go back though my photos I have begun to notice my style. Some of the things I like are, being at the dogs level, narrow depth of field (meaning only a small area in focus), and giving space to the dog in the photo. I don't always get that and some times I try to break out of the process and do something new. I see lots of really great photos on flickr of other dog photographers that inspire me so often that helps. I don't go back and look at what I've done very much. I keep pushing forward and think about how the stories of the book will work out.

I'm still not sure how the book will come about but I keep plugging away on this blog in hope of finding a way of making it happen. Even once done, I'll keep posting because if this is called work, this is the best job ever.

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