Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First early snow

bella watching ball, originally uploaded by phaird.

Well, it's cold and Sunday gave a small glance at some snow. It's going to be a long cold winter. For some dogs like Bella, that's good news. Many dogs love the winter play. Romping through the snow and running with other dogs. Paths are wide open or new ones can be made. I'm not so wild about the cold but it's not really about me is it. I'm all about what my dog wants and what happens at the dog park. My dog, Toby, isn't wild about the cold. He is happiest curled up in bed between my wife and me.

Toby hasn't been having much fun the last few visits. With all the trees bare, sound from the local gun club really carries so when he hears them, he gets super scared. I know he'll never get over that so all I can do is make him happy by doing leashed walks around the neighbor hood or out in the woods. I need to get him out around other dogs more but my time is limited. If I could just find that winning lottery ticket, that would free up my time to dedicate to my dog and photography. Until then, I won't quit my day job.


Manda said...

aww! Is Bella an Aussie?!?

phaird said...

Yep. There a a bunch of Aussies that come to the park on Sundays. Maybe 8 or 10 on a good day.