Monday, December 10, 2007

Dogs as family

Progressive Insurance has been promoting pet insurance for drivers. It is included with their collision insurance which is a really great way of including your pet as a family member. The more this kind of inclusion into the whole family process, the easier it will be for pet owners. A supply and demand issue. The more pets are included into insurance, the easier it is to keep our family pet safe and healthy.


Anonymous said...

Pet insurance has been around for twenty or thirty years. Progressive is doing nothing new. In fact the coverage they offer is very limited (i.e. only injuries that happen to pets while in their cars). They are doing little more than trying to market to a new segment - pet owners. A cheap ploy to get attention. For real pet insurance shop around.

phaird said...

Yea, that's true but by publicizing it lets the general public know pets are more important now then ever. Sure you should shop around but that includes cars and stereos. Every company that puts out national commercials is going to charge you for it. The important part is that pets are understood as family instead of just property.