Wednesday, December 5, 2007

About the Acton town meeting

Dec 4 was the meeting to "discuss dog control concerns at Great Hill Soccer Field". I'm happy to say that it was a very productive meeting with the Recreation Commission and those representing the side of those who can't speak from them selves were out in force.

The concerns were the basic things that all places where dogs and people meet are. Poop and safety. Those who use the field for soccer and those who use the field for their dogs both have equal concerns about the other. It became clear that the Recreation Commission were trying very hard to make everyone happy. I think the commission did a very good job of listening to everyones concerns and keeping a good perspective of how the field is used by everyone.

What made me very excited was that the town of Acton would consider creating a independent dog park. The idea is just that; an idea, but just knowing that they would consider bringing it up and ask the community about things that make for a good dog park is a huge step forward in a State that is pretty low on dog friendly places.

I really hope this leads to some very constructive conversations on how to support not only the dog community but the entire community that loves out door spaces.

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