Friday, November 16, 2007


Scout, originally uploaded by phaird.

It's been a crazy week. Last weekend we did our first official interview with Scout's family. Scout has a younger brother Fenway who is learning to adjust to his new family and coming to the park with all the bigger dogs.

Both Scout and Fenway have a amazing story that we hope to publish in the book. The couldn't have been luckier dogs to be adopted by such a caring family. It takes a lot to accept an animal into your home when they have physical and emotional scars like both Scout and Fenway has.

During the interview. One moment had me laughing so hard. Evy and Paul were talking about when they were first discussing the option of adopting Scout. Paul went down the list of issues; No fence, really busy schedules, how would we manage his care, and other lists if concerns. Evy's concern was what name to give Scout.


esme2288 said...

Oh dear, Geoff. You really need an editor.... That's a nice pic of Scout's brother, though.

BTW, Hunter is feeling insulted because he thinks he's supposed to be the first picture. That's what he always thinks.


Katie Vandegrift said...

You take beautiful pictures!! I love your blog and the special features on the different dogs you encounter at dog parks. I also have a dog blog all about dog friendly places in Georgia. I also love taking pictures of my dogs. I just added a slide show post to show off my two beautiful dogs!