Monday, May 27, 2013

Toby in grass at Delaney park

Toby in grass at Delaney park, originally uploaded by phaird.
For the past few weeks I've been going to Delaney park in Stow. It's a big beautiful park that is great to go to walk your dog. I went to the park years ago but wasn't really happy about it because it people didn't clean up and it didn't have any community of dog people that I could find.
Soon after that, there was a big blow out with neighbors and dog owners so the leash rules got serious and people got mean.
Now I'm going there because I wanted to give Toby a break from the Acton park to give him someplace new that he won't be overwhelmed by all the other dogs.
It worked out okay till the Yankee Golden Retriever Club group decided to have an event there. I really wanted to watch because they were showing their dogs how to retrieve. It was great except for the guns. Toby was NOT happy. I didn't go back the following week to change things up and keep Toby guessing. I really want to go back though because there are some beautiful places to shoot.

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