Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let it snow!

Mini Pin Jumping, originally uploaded by phaird.
It's nice to finally see snow on the ground at the park. Some of the dogs were so happy to finally run in the powder again. Unlike last year, it's been pretty scarce. Snow on a sunny day is great! The brown of the tree's aren't as bad when the dead grass isn't so obvious.

This little Mini Pin wasn't so wild about it though but it wasn't because of the snow. She had a bad experience at the park with a bigger dog a few weeks back where the bigger dog was too aggressive. Now she won't leave the safety of her mom's legs. I know all about that because Toby is the same way. He's still fussy about the park and dog's have a good memory for bad things happening some places. I feel bad for the little gal. Her mom is making a good effort to get her out and playing with her friends though. These two dogs are super submissive and just wanted to play but she just didn't want any part of it this week. Maybe next week.

There are a few other fun pics on my Flickr Page so check them out.


BODIE said...

Love the photo. Don't I wish we could speak better "dog" and understand more.

LabbyLaneKennel said...

It sure is wonderful to see these lovely canines spending time outdoors. It's sad to hear that the little one had a bad experience with another dog but it's also good to hear that there is a combined effort to make her feel more comfortable. Being in a dog boarding Harrison TN line of works makes us understand the situation and we only hope things get better.