Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is slowly coming to the east

Bernese getting a but scratch, originally uploaded by phaird.
Even though we had around 4 inches of snow on Friday, it all quickly melted away and the sun is warming up our little park.
It was a really nice morning at the park. Toby and I came early, sloshed through the mud and went for a walk up in the woods. Toby wasn't on his best behavior but once he had his walk, he did okay. Last year, I started coming early to keep him from being overwhelmed and this spring and summer, I'm going to do the same. There is also a group of early birds I don't normally get to see and am looking forward to getting to know their dogs too.
There was a lot of energy at the park and the dogs knew it. Everyone was running around, playing chase and having a good time. As things thaw, I think the dogs start to pick up the scents of things that were buried under the snow all winter. I love seeing all the different dogs who don't always make it during the colder months. I hope to see even more as the grass gets greener.

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