Monday, November 29, 2010

Maggie and Snuggles

Maggie and Snuggles, originally uploaded by phaird.

Maggie and Snuggles are two new additions to the park on Sundays. Blue's parents adopted these two pups about a month ago. It wasn't really a planned adoption, it was more of lots of good things coming together. After Jake died, they had no plan on getting any new dogs. Blue is an older dog that doesn't take well to puppies so the idea of a new dog wasn't on the agenda right now.

The original owner of the dogs had 5 and was bringing them by the park to see if anyone was interested in buying them. No one ever did and he couldn't keep them. After some back and forth, Maggie and Snuggles came to stay for a week at Blue's house, with the cats and the goats. When the guy came back, Blue's parents said that they this was their new home and they were staying.

There was a few new members at the park on this busy sunny Sunday morning. I hope to see more each weekend.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Richard Olsenius book and video

When I first thought of this idea of doing a book project about dog parks, Many people pointed me Richard Olsenius as someone I had too look at. His book, Dog Stories, has become a major influence on my process and one of the main reasons I'm even perusing this process. Of all the books out about animals, pets or dogs, his is the one that closest reflects what I want my book aspires to.

While spending some down time this morning, I did some dog research and came across him again. Because of the cryptic way his site is created, it's not easy to find so I wanted to point out his site where he is promoting his book and Video. His background as a National Geographic photographer gives him some clout where he can create such a wonderful project. I think his book was created early in the boom of the pet industry and shows that very real bond between human and dogs. The stories are quite engaging and I will go back to his book when I want to read inspiring stories where these connection are very real.

With the holidays coming, for the people who's pets are part of their family, they would really enjoy this book or video. Check it out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Loofah with St. Bernhard

Loofah with St. Bernhard, originally uploaded by phaird.

The time changed today but that doesn't mean anything to Toby and my boys. They don't agree that we should get an extra hour of sleep today. So be it. I got to get up early and went to the park early.

It was a cold fall day and I Geoffrey didn't really enjoy himself too much. Until there is snow to play with, I don't think he's going to want to come to the park anymore. That's okay. I'm just glad that Toby has been enjoying himself and being nice to all the other dogs.

I did get to meet Loofah, the little white dog on the table. If I'm right, he and the Saint Bernhard are both 7 months old. They each wanted to play but not the same way. Loofah wanted the ball and the Saint Bernhard wanted to run. They were very cute though at the bench by the water.

There has always been a big group of Aussies running around but there seems to be a growing number of St. Bernhards around the park the past few months. I was just looking through my old photos and even have pictures of some of them as puppies.

Next week I hope to photograph the two new Aussie's that just joined Jakes family. Geoffrey really wanted to leave so we had to go just as they were arriving today. They are SO CUTE. Keep checking in to see more pics.