Monday, November 23, 2009

Never stand still for too long

Bull dog puppy, originally uploaded by phaird.

On Sunday, I brought Toby to the park and he wasn't that happy about going. It was busy and I got him a new "gentle leader" leash which he wasn't wild about. All that lead Toby to try to wonder back to the car to make me leave. I didn't want to leave because I wanted to photograph the dogs and talk with people.

Well I should back up to say that I went to bed to late the night before and hadn't eaten breakfast before going so I was also a little out of it.

So anyway, I had to keep Toby on his leash and as I was talking, a boxer thought I was a tree or fire hydrant and peed on my leg. I totally deserved it. I was just standing in the same spot too long and I was in a bla, grumpy mood. He knew I was in a funk and couldn't shake it. I had to just laugh at myself at that point. It all became clear that I was in a grumpy mood and even though I didn't say anything, that boxer knew the best way to get me out of my rut was to point it out to me.

So I was marked as his for the rest of the day. That and a bull dog puppy can bring me out of any funk because, really, going to the park with Toby and seeing all the dogs and owners out is the highlight of my week.

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Nellie and Calvert said...

Sorry to hear you were in a funk, but nice to know that boxer got you out of it.

Calvert's just started on his Gentle Leader and he's not too wild about it either, but believe me when I tell you; it's making our walks much more pleasant. I'm sure you're also using treats to coach him along... good luck with that.

Mom to Nellie & Calvert