Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saying goodbye to Bruce

Amber with rudi and dad, originally uploaded by phaird.

This weekend was so muggy that everyone just standing around was sweating and uncomfortable. Not the best day to send off our good friend Bruce. Bruce, Dusty and Amber are moving back to California for a calmer life and better weather. Bruce is one of the first persons that I got to know at the park and many people knew him and his dogs. He was a person who I could always count on to be at the park every Sunday no matter what the weather was like because even if the weather was lousy, he couldn't deny his dogs their day.

Bruce is one of the first that I interviewed for the book. He was someone I could always count on a friendly hello and a good chat. I'm trying to get to know everyone at the park but I'm not a very forward person. I found that I would go and talk to Bruce first and that would get me started talking to others at the park. Bruce has a way of making everyone feel comfortable.

Amber, Dusty and Bruce will be missed but they will be very happy out in Cali. Best of luck to you and we hope you keep in touch.

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