Sunday, June 22, 2008

Toby found

toby-found, originally uploaded by phaird.

Today had a hard day. It was a cloudy day with storm clouds and way off in the distance, you could hear thunder. From the Acton Park, you can also here the local shooting range. Both send Toby running for cover. Normally I can here these things and keep an eye on Toby and gage his mood.

Today, I didn't. I took my eye off of him for maybe 5 minutes and he was gone. He's wondered off before but today was bad. I was out for almost 5 hours looking everywhere for him. There was a sighting down a busy road just outside the park but really far away.

After searching through the woods behind the park (miles of trails) I got a lucky break. A woman came up to me as I came out of the woods and asked me If I was looking for a dog. Toby had ran across the street from the fire station and hid under her porch in the back of their house.

He wouldn't come out for her but with some firm encouragement, I got Toby to come out to me. He was shaking like a leaf and so scared. I got him home and gave him a good bath because he was covered with dirt.

Thanks to everyone who helped me search the park. Once people knew Toby was missing, A search party was formed and we everyone did a lot to help find Toby. It made a huge difference for me having the help getting Toby back.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, I'm glad you were able to find Toby, Oscar spent the entire day under the coffee table shaking, I guess that is better than running off.

Jay (Oscar the Golden's Owner)