Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Being a regular visitor

Kicking the ball, originally uploaded by phaird.

I'm always looking forward to my Sunday in the park. There are always so many people there and the dogs have the best time. Every week there are a small group of people who I see every week. Others come every so often but no matter what, a nice day will bring out a lot of people. When I first started coming and talking to people, I was told that as much as 70 dogs were counted on a busy Sunday. What would be surprising to people who don't own dogs, is that there is very little conflict. When ever there is a scrap between dogs, it is over as fast as it starts and no dog or human gets hurt. Every owner I've met tries to be mindful of their dogs but still let them run and play. I wish everyday could be Sunday at the park.

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comish said...

Hi - I'm looking for a practice area for dock jumping dogs in the greater Boston area. Does anyone have any ideas where I could investigate or who I could chat with? Thanks so much.

Bruce Hamon