Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dog is Co-Pilot

I have not been able to get Chagall to Beaver Brook very often recently, due to my schedule. However, it is always a delight to drive there when I do get the opportunity. Whether I take Beaver Street to Waverly Oaks Road or Trapelo Road to Waverly, the view is incredibly entertaining.

Most of the cars lined up in traffic have one or two extremely eager canines riding shotgun or taking up the whole back of the vehicle. As the park gets in sight and smell you can see the cars swaying as the dogs jump throughout the rows of seats. Often barking or whining accompanies the laps.

I have to explain to Chagall that yes we are going to the park. And if I use that word "P-A-R-K", I had better mean it.

Animal lovers have always put their pets in a position of adoration and importance. The fact that you see more and more humans with their dogs riding in the passenger seat or blissfully hanging their heads out a side window to enjoy the cooling breeze brings the point home.

I certainly get a lot of double takes at lights and chuckles nearly 100 percent of the time when people see Chagall sitting at attention in the seat beside me. He looks so serious. The best co-pilot I've ever had!!!

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