Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bark softly but carry a big stick!

bark softly but carry a big stick!, originally uploaded by phaird.
Why can't my Toby be like this little guy. One of the smallest dogs at the park and gets lots of big dogs attention but just blows it off. This little dachshund wanted this stick and wouldn't give it up to anyone. He didn't fight or get scared, he just held his own and kept the stick.
My Toby gets one butt sniff and he gets all defensive. Starts fighting and then shamed out of the park. The only good thing is that Tank (the bulldog) put Toby in his place. He squished toby in a mud puddle so Toby had to go home and get a bath. That showed him. I hope this next week is better. It's hard to take photos when my dog is getting in all the other dogs faces. Sorry park.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mud bowl

_MG_5558, originally uploaded by phaird.
Last sunday was a muddy day and these two puppies wanted to get as much on them as possible. There wasn't anything they wanted to do but wrestle and play. If you look at the other photos on flickr, you'll see that even Toby got into it a bit. As a terrier though, he just wanted to dominate the action.
These two are both puppies and have endless amounts of energy. They were going at each other the entire time I was there. Running round wrestle, nocking into people, and getting every dog as muddy as possible. There was a lot of dogs that went right home and into the bath.
That's a perfect dog park kinda day.