Sunday, November 27, 2011

I need to keep an ear out

Watch out for the drool., originally uploaded by phaird.
The gloomy weather didn't stop anyone from coming out today. It was busy and I talked with a few of my regular friends. The funny thing was we were talking about how my dog, Toby has been so much better at the park. He was running around and playing with other dogs.

But then it happened. Toby heard the gun club. First shot he perked up but he was okay. But then it kept going and he tucked his tail and headed to the parking lot. I went and got Toby and, foolishly brought him back to try to get him to calm down. It didn't work and when other dogs came by and sniff around, Toby got very aggressive. After a few minutes, I had to leave the park. I felt so bad for Toby. He has been doing so well and made great strides and enjoying the park again. Now I’m worried he is going to be afraid again and it will take months of support to get him to like it again.

Next week will be a new week and I’ll try to give him time to walk up in the woods to get his energy out before all the other dogs show up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Falling fast

Riley saying hi, originally uploaded by phaird.
Fall is finally leading into winter so every nice day is more and more cherished. This Sunday was a beautiful day with enough sun and warmth to bring everyone out to the park. There was a few new faces even like Riley. He wasn't wild about the camera but I got a nice photo of him.
It's been such a while since I've posted anything to the blog. Each weekend has been really crazy with photo events and clients or family. My next goal is to write up questions for the interview process for my book. I think I know enough people at the park now that I feel I can ask them to be involved with my book. I just need to know what I want to know next. More soon.